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My session today was intense. A continuous stream of playback and strong visualizations. During one session I had a funnel output come forward to me again as I did on a call the day before. 

In a previous session, there was a funnel open, and I witnessed despair, negativity, and low-level energy getting drawn into the funnel. Out the bottom of this funnel, there was love, peace, acceptance and belonging flowing out like dust.

As I entered today’s session, the funnel came forward again.

This time there were people, thousands of them all standing together but there was a stillness, silence, their heads looking down. Souls with a void, a distorted frequency. The particles from the funnel have settled to the ground. A thick covering as far as my eye could see. The feeling of calm but anticipation and uncertainty. Why are these people not moving? It just needs one movement, one thought.

The vibration from mother earth is rising and mixing the particles with the people. Share on X

From the center of the mass of people

a child’s tiny hand reaches up. His hand opens and with a smile he blows the particles from his hand, like blowing a kiss. It floats through the air and expands. My eye is drawn to the ground where the mass of settled particles begins to dance, like sand placed on a music speaker. The vibration from mother earth is rising and mixing the particles with the people. It continues, as an unstoppable force.

The funnel is gone, but its form remains to remind us; The child lives “In the now” they are present to the moment, they are “The Now” The child saw the dust settling and held onto some. An inept sense to know how to recreate, now. The new frequency that is overtaking this planet is to be absorbed and embraced now. The child felt what the others didn’t because they are not present to now. The past the present and the future is now.

Close your eyes and feel this new frequency. Look to the person next to you, reach out, hold their hand and smile. They will accept it unconditionally because it is love, the universal symbol that every being is encoded to. Give them a copy of your symbol. They may not be able to visualize this symbol at this very moment, but when they see the past, present and the future as “The Now” it will envelop them and automatically decode the symbol into their heart.
With each touch, so forth to the next and so on.

The words once heard so often will be heard loud and clear amongst all beings on earth. The glorious sound of “I love you” will shake the land through this new vibrational frequency.