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Relationships, Spirituality

What Is Contentment

I was asked the question: How do I become content? what is true contentment? Answer: You're looking at it the wrong way around. You can't "be" content, you "are" content. Most people confuse happiness and joy with contentment....

Contentment - Stop and smell the roses
Meditation, Spirituality

The Now

My session today was intense. A continuous stream of playback and strong visualizations. During one session I had a funnel output come forward to me again as I did on a call the day before.  In a previous session, there was a funnel open, and I witnessed despair,...

The Now

The process of enlightenment

Enlightenment: Many people consider enlightenment a spiritual process to relate to Reversing friction, spiritual awakening The method removes all blockages in the mind; it allows for all energy to flow freely through the mind of the being. Any energy that may...



Fulfilment, what is it and how do you define it. If you think it's money or tangible items, then your happiness will plateau, and you will become blocked in your search for happiness. They rise fast, and money (pleasure) then creates ego. Ego creates a false...