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Fulfilment, what is it and how do you define it. If you think it’s money or tangible items, then your happiness will plateau, and you will become blocked in your search for happiness. They rise fast, and money (pleasure) then creates ego. Ego creates a false version of yourself.

We should strive for fulfilment (Contentment and Joy), and abundance will follow because it is your true self. Our soul that is who we are.

Being present and understanding the “I Am” is something that’s understanding, not something you learn. Understanding joy is how you can begin to learn it. The human flaw is if we believe we can learn something then we are good at it. When we talk about “limiting self-beliefs” it refers to money or success. The biggest problem for a human is when our limiting self-beliefs are around love and joy. How we behave towards and around other people. That should be our priority to ourselves.

Pleasure comes and goes

Fulfilment creates the consciousness for everything to fall into place. An example is our children, why does the person that gave us this ultimate form of fulfilment no longer matters? We see that person as making us happy and not fulfilling us.
Think about this. My relationship with you is fulfilment when I am with you; I feel pleasure, when I’m not, it’s gone. But I still love you when I’m not happy or feeling joy. I don’t need to be happy or with you to know that I still love you because it’s fulfilment. That’s how our children make us feel.

Some people don’t understand: If you love someone, they will fulfil you. Angry, sad, or happy. “I am” part of that person. Your search for happiness will not bring fulfilment until you understand it first.

Fulfilment is the best version of yourself.

It explains the phrase “I am that, that I am” Tat Tvam Asi, Tat Ayam. When I look at you: I see me. (that I am). I think: I am that. If I see a flaw or something wrong, it is me because “I am that” it’s me. That is also the reason behind the belief of “if I have a problem with you, the problem is me.” I can change myself, but I cannot change you.
The flaw seen is on them, not you. But are not able to understand that.

I look at you, and I see a beautiful person because I am that person. If I see a physical flaw, or I feel an emotion like a disappointment. It translates to I am flawed, and I disappoint myself.
I can change that in myself, but I cannot change it for you.

You see flaws because they are yours, and you need to deal with them and fix it for you. It will begin your journey to enlightenment. That’s not a something where you disappear off the planet; Enlightenment is when we see our flaws and correct them. Each time you fix a fault or problem within yourself, you become a more fulfilled person that is more enlightened.

The more you become, the more, you will form a better consciousness without thinking about it.
If you see the other person as selfish, then you are selfish! Selfish, because what will mirror back is you.