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Enlightenment: Many people consider enlightenment a spiritual process to relate to

Reversing friction, spiritual awakening
The method removes all blockages in the mind; it allows for all energy to flow freely through the mind of the being. Any energy that may interfere with the being to be able to reach a higher consciousness. This is the first step that needs to be achieved.

This is the step, so prevalent in all of our lives; We learn too much of the negative and lower forms of energy. When these are learned, it is hard to progress to higher levels of thought and manifestation. We must learn to eliminate these thought patterns and conditioning by mastering the process of the reverse law of friction.

There are several ways to accomplish this reversal. The first is to work on “open mindedness.” This is tough for most people to do because the negative conditioning is so strong and deep. Some simple exercises to practice will help you to overcome this conditioning and to change your mindset.
Follow the instructions below to learn a process for acquiring an open mind:

Spiritual awakening

Hold your head between your hands and look forward for approximately one minute. Then close your eyes and visualize the vastness of the space and sky running between your hands. If you perceive clouds or dark forms of energy in this visualization, then let these cloud forms pass from your left side out through your right side.
Continue to breathe deeply, and pretend you are breathing in the vastness of a perfect, cloudless day. Feel how good the energy of this light of day feels.

Take this sense of expansion and the “lightness” it gives you and hold it in an area within your forehead, between your eyes. Focus on this for at least five minutes, but only experience the feeling and the lightness. That is the key.Then, when you feel like doing so, open your eyes and feel refreshed. Try to hold this feeling in your consciousness throughout the day.

Here is a related tool to use to help you open your minds.

Hold on to this feeling of lightness and expansion pay attention to energy throughout your body. Pay careful attention to the feeling you get when you do this exercise. Then take this newly acquired ability to sense your physical feeling of presence and note throughout the day when you begin to lose this feeling. What happens to your body when you start to lose the feeling? Where are you? Who are you speaking to? How is your body reacting? Calculate what the differences are at these moments.

Note down your mind’s reactions at those moments, as compared to the way the mind felt when you were expanding the energy and light through it. This duality exercise will give you important information. It is the first step in learning the process of open mindedness and how to begin to reverse the friction of the conditioning that surrounds you.

The second part of the process is an understanding and appreciation of energy, vibration, and frequency. It is the Force we are always referring to. It is in the understanding and recognition of this and this life force that we begin our advancement in the powers of enlightenment.

As humans, you do not understand that all knowledge and life comes from this force—the energy Force. When this is denied within one’s consciousness, one does not have the opportunity to grow and become one with the force. We begin life knowing this force from the moment we are conceived; there is a ritual of energy transformation that occurs and the knowledge is implanted in our consciousness. From that moment on the concept is taken for granted. In understanding this basic concept that we are prepared for consciousness but it is often not developed later.

The third step

The third step in the process of enlightening the mind is learning how to channel unconditional love. It is in this aspect of knowing the “oneness” where we are tested. If you do not understand this process, then you do not reach the vibrational level of other situations for learning.

The amount of love that a soul channels Is important for all steps to a higher vibrational frequency. It is in this measurement of love channeling that we undergo the learning of another form. It would be called “incidental learning” something we understand so well.

While we are being measured for tolerance and levels of the emotion of the highest quality, the results of this are often not able to be seen. Instead of working at the remedial level of diagnosing problems and highlighting the low frequency, we need to concentrate on the picture of perfection and help to raise our consciousness to that level. When consciousness is raised, and vibrational frequency is higher, rewards for the all are much greater.

To increase your enlightenment just by focusing on this, it creates a collective to assist one another.
We are all one. Increased enlightenment brings increased powers in the realms of creation and manifestation. Increased intelligence but many do not know this yet.

Since the force, which is energy, the maker, and creator of the all, then it stands to reason that intelligence would be a part of this holistic wonder. If enlightenment is increased, so is power. Intelligence is only one aspect of this force that is enhanced.
This process guarantees those fundamentals in these basic steps of the plan. Once these fundamental ingredients are learned and integrated into our consciousness, we can build on ourselves with these powers.

The future is the past and present moment, all in the same instant.

Once this is easy for us to understand and the past and future are viewed as linear. In a holistic concept of evolution of life and consciousness, the three aspects are all in the present moment of time.

Think of this as digestion which just means absorption. When a human eats something, the food is turned into energy and is absorbed by the physical body. In the above definition, this analogy is also true, but it applies in a little different way.

Consider this; digestion is the slow breakup of energy and its transformation into a higher source. With learning and concentration, we see results of this process, and we can manifest our thoughts. The energy is absorbed into our consciousness, and in this process, we are transformed into higher levels of awareness. It is in these higher states that we can perceive other thoughts to create new levels of consciousness and process information on a much higher level.

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